Dirty House Group

The Dirty House can be divided into following groups.

Dirty House T-shirt

Have Your Say on T-Shirts - Group

This group is very creative and poplular in young boys and girls. This Dirty House "Have your say on T-Shirts" group used text only or mainly text with minimum imagery to support it. The main focus must be the slogan. You can give social message with the help of slogans. While making slogan, please note that slogan must not be against the law. Slogan must be witty, humorous, thought provoking or controversial. Outright offensive slogans without any thought put into it will not be accepted. If you have something offensive to say it must be said in a clever or humorous manner.

Rules for Group

1. All the members of group ready to help the each other.
2. Don’t use any racial slogan.
3. Group members take care of the slogan authenticity, means not copy from other members slogan.
4. Slogan must be unique.
5. Slogan should be good looking and attractive with different combination of colors.

Art work

Dirty House Art Group

Dirty House Art Group is made of same interest of people who is related to art work like painter, graphic designer, and photographer. Some skills that are needed to be a good Artist are the ability to organize information, knowledge of fine arts, visualization, originality, knowledge of media, and ability to communicate well. Usually, the art department is small; consisting of art directors, perhaps an assistant director, and a small staff of design and product workers. Because artists work with a variety of people under sometimes stressful situations, they must be resilient, efficient, and able to relate well with people.

Rules for Group

1. All the members of group should be interested in Graphic Design, painting, and other form of artwork ie. Photography.
2. It is guideline for every member of this group, that donot copy the other member Art.
3. Member should be innovative.

Dirty House Musician Group

Dirty House Musician Group

This Dirty House Musician group one of most unique group whose members though Music is passion for them. The sub group of Dirty House Musician Group is divided in three parts like one who only like to listen music. The second one for persons who like musical instruments or how to play different type of musical instruments i.e. piano, guitar, mouth organ, Saxophone, keyboard and etc. Third sub Group consist of singers, want to sing songs i.e. hip hop, rap etc. The main motive of this group is always doing something in the field of music. The Member of this group follows that “Music is life.”

Guidelines for Group

1. Member must be co-ordinated with other members of group.
2. They can exchange their opinions regularly.
3. Member should be updated themselves, according to the need of audiences.

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